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It’s been scary for people who know me & look to me for health advice & then find out the fitness & health girl has CANCER. However I’m the perfect person to get this right & I want to share everything you can do to prevent it! (My cancer isn’t genetic but I believe u can turn off the cancer if u are with smarter choices).

Breast cancer seems to be a very common cancer it’s actually the 2nd most common cause of cancer deaths among women in Canada ages 40-79. Under 40 is very uncommon but much more aggressive the 5 year survival for women 15-39 is the second lowest at 85% in Canada. Let me tell you static’s don’t matter when your the one with cancer, anything is possible. I had a 4% chance it had spread to my lymph nodes and it did so that’s when I realized I’m not 100 people I’m the one person I never thought would get cancer and I did & that was devastating but I quickly realized I’m a human and humans can get cancer & humans beat cancer & worse things everyday. That’s the mindset here.

I decided to put some easy to follow tips I’ve learned & how to be aware of things that can cause breast cancer, what products I use that are safe, and how to be aware of changes in your breast tissue.

Spend time with yourself get to know your body and treat it as best you can because you only have one body for your entire life.
Don’t be scared, the human body is amazing and the transformations it can make are incredible. Some people thought I was a hypochondriac, I used to think that too until I found out I have cancer & that’s when I decided to listen to ME because I know my body best & I knew there was something off with my body. I didn’t expected cancer, EVER I don’t think most people do and that’s why it was such a shock to find out.
Shock didn’t last long because survival mode kicked in right away for me. I just want to take care of my body, fix my problem, & live a happy healthy life. So here I am documenting just that for everyone to share and learn from.

Don’t be be scared be proactive no matter what happens to you in this life YOU can take control. Do what u need to do for your body there’s so much information out there. You need to know yourself in order to know what to apply to what YOU need! Ask questions, be curious, & don’t stop! Tips:

Hormones are everything you don’t want to mess with them especially during the developmental ages when breast tissue is developing. Be aware of birth control options & there effects, stressors, products you put on your skin everyday, eating habits, cigarettes & alcohol consumption all of these things can affect your hormones.

Maintain a healthy weight and sweat regularly!
Be active everyday even if it’s 10mins going for a run around the block you need to circulate so your body keeps working and detoxing properly!

over here Avoid ingredients that are known hormone disrupters:
Triclosan – Antimicrobial agent
Phalates & plastics
Bisphenol A – food and drink containers
Alkylphenols – Detergents & Cleaners

ketotifen where to buy Natural Body Products I currently use:
Shea butter
Essential Oils
Cane Bliss oil treatment (for nails & scalp)
Rose water
Cucumbers for eyes
Schmidt’s natural deodorant (love the bergamot & lime)

Estrogen Lowering Foods:
Cruciferous vegetables that help support healthy metabolism of estrogens:
Broccoli – maximizing liver detox & anti-cancer poison protection
Brussels sprouts, Cabbage & Cauliflower – Stomach Healer, Cancer Crusher, & Muscle builder
Celery – Anti-Estrogen food, Lowers Blood Pressure & Improves hormones
Kale – Vitamin K & Chlorophyll (has been known to reverse endometriosis & heavy bleeding)
Book choy

Pumpkin seeds – good for Urinary, Reproductive & Circulation
Sesame seeds – Boosts Pigment in Hair, Endocrine System & Balance Brain Neurotansmitters
Drinking water – distilled is best at 50% for most people

My diet is mostly Vegan now I avoid sugars & preservatives, canned food and any metals that I shouldn’t cook with.

Use safe cookware:
It’s something you use to cook with regularly so this is important especially because you want your food to be your medicine!
The safest pots and pans to cook with are those that leach the least amount of chemicals and heavy metals.
-Cast iron – While iron can leach into food, it’s generally accepted as being safe. It’s one of the most durable types of cookware. Be sure to season the cast iron pan according to manufacturer instructions to avoid a metallic taste. Consider using ceramic or glass cookware for acidic foods, such as spaghetti sauce.
-Enamel-coated cast iron – Made of cast iron with a glass coating, the cookware heats like iron cookware, but doesn’t leach iron into food. Glass is one of the materials widely accepted as being healthy. This is what should be used when cooking with acidic foods, like tomato sauce.
-Stainless steel – Is made with varying amounts of nickel and chromium. Cookware with 18/8 or 18/10 stamped on the bottom are the least likely to leach into food. If cooking acidic food in stainless steel, remove the food after cooking and store it in a non-metal storage container.
-Glass – One of the healthiest materials around, glass cookware is widely available and inexpensive. It’s unable to handle extreme changes in temperature and will break. Make sure the glass cookware is at room temperature before putting it in the oven. Most glassware cannot be used on stovetops; however, some are made for stove, oven, and freezer use.
-Lead-Free Ceramic – as long as the paint or cookware coating is lead-free, ceramic is another healthy option for cookware. Similar to glass, ceramic will break if exposed to extreme temperature changes so be sure to bring it to room temperature before cooking in ceramic. Be sure to read manufacturer guidelines to know if their cookware is for stovetop or oven cooking methods.
-Copper – Copper pans lined with stainless steel offer several benefit: copper’s quick-heating properties, and stainless steel’s lesser likelihood of leaching chemicals (if you choose 18-8 or 18-10 grade stainless steel). The lighter weight of copper can be easier for some people to handle.

Know how to do a proper breast exam!
I found my own lump and monitored it for years before someone thought it was suspicious. If I didn’t have that doctor that day ask me about my overall wellbeing and ‘anything else to check?’ Who knows how this journey would have gone. I was moving to Vegas with my husband & planning to get pregnant after my full check up and clean bill of health. I can’t imagine being pregnant and finding out I have cancer and possibly stage 4. I’m very lucky!
I just wish I would have had that lump removed instead of monitoring it for years. It was small and seemed harmless but I have a slow growing cancer and it spread over that time so now I have to do intense treatments, that could have been avoided if I was more proactive!


  • Victoria Kristine

    amazing post Britt! Very informative. I’m definitely going to be paying more attention to what I’m putting in my body and try to be more preventative! You’ve inspired me and so many people with your outlook on life. Blessed love

    April 14, 2019
  • Suzy

    Stuff!! Thank you for sharing this too!!

    April 14, 2019
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